Strength To Strength

1 MARCH 2013.

An excellent start to 2013 for the Rep.

After the success of our first ever Rehearsed Reading Night in January, we repeated that success a few nights ago with our Rehearsed Reading Night II – again at the Stumble Inn, Chester Road.

We presented four short pieces, each one of which went down very well with the audience.  They were:

Two Shots In The Dark by Frank Ditchburn
directed by Carol Cooke

Phone  by David Foster
directed by John Guy Brown

Closure by Kenny Penfold
directed by Paul Dunn

The Big Time by Wayne Miller
directed by Gareth Hunter

Our thanks to all those writers and directors who gave freely of their time and talent, to produce a fantastic night.  Also to the incredibly talented and versatile company of actors: Christopher Strain, Kylie Ann Ford, James Barton, Paul Dunn, Dolores Poretta Brown, Craig Richardson, Frank Ditchburn, Corey Muizelaar, Amie Jeffels, Carol Cooke, Fiona Faria, David Foster, and Sinead Livingston.

We were very pleased to hear that the success of January’s event had actually inspired and encouraged some of the writers to produce these scripts and submit them, and the feedback from the audience during the Q&A sessions seemed very useful; encouraging, complimentary, and constructive.

The whole evening attracted a 5-star review from remotegoat (which was an improvement on January’s 4-star review – proof positive that the Rep genuinely is going from strength to strength!)    Take a look at our reviews page here.

You can also head over to our facebook page here, where there are more photos of the rehearsal processes and the evening itself.

There will be more Rehearsed Reading Nights later in the year, so keep an eye out for them.  And don’t forget, if you’re a writer and you have some material you’d like to try out at one of them, get in touch with us.  We’d love to hear from you.

l-r: Fiona Faria, Paul Dunn, Carol Cooke, in rehearsal for RRN II
l-r: Fiona Faria, Paul Dunn, Carol Cooke, in rehearsal for RRN II

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