Rehearsed Reading Night spawns full length play

Well, it was only a matter of time!…

What with the wealth of talent that has graced our rehearsed reading nights so far – from actors and directors as well as the writers – we knew it wouldn’t be long before the events would lead to something bigger.  And we’re delighted for writer, actor and very good friend Wayne Miller…

After seeing a scene from his play The Big Time being performed brilliantly at our last event (by David Foster, Craig Richardson and Sinead Livingston and directed by Gareth Hunter), Wayne has gone on to develop the script and has announced that it will premiere at The Customs House in South Shields this November.

“Just want to say thanks to Cranked Anvil,” Wayne wrote recently on our facebook page.  “Was such a help hearing it and seeing it performed. Just hope the full length version goes just as well.”  We’ve got no doubt it will be a huge success, and we’re thrilled to have played a small part in its development.

Keep your eye on the Customs House website for details of the play and, of course, watch out here for details on our next Rehearsed Reading Night.  You just never know what huge future success you may be catching a glimpse of!

l-r: Sinead Livingston, Craig Richardson, David Foster
l-r: Sinead Livingston, Craig Richardson, David Foster

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