Will the real Romeo & Juliet please stand up!

Sat 27 Feb 2016

Brogan Gilbert & David Jackson in the title roles
Brogan Gilbert & David Jackson in the title roles

First of all, we must say a huge thanks to our good freinds Jack Young and Amie Jeffels, who helped us out with the photoshoot of our Shakespeare posters recently.  (Which you can read about here.)

But we’re now delighted to announce that the actors playing those parts in April will be the very talented David Jackson and Brogan Gilbert.  And today they met in the rehearsal room and read the parts together for the first time.

The chemistry between them was instant, and we know they’re going to bring these young characters to life in our contemporary production.  So it was great that we managed to capture a little bit of that chemistry in a photoshoot with them, which will soon be on all our posters and flyers.

David was most recently seen on stage at the People’s in Newcastle in their critically acclaimed production, Eight, whilst Brogan has made TV appearances in Wolfblood and The Dumping Ground, as well as appearing regularly on the stage at Live Theatre in the all-girl sketch group Your Aunt Fanny.  Later this year they’ll both be auditioning for drama school, so we’re delighted that they’re working with us before going on to further develop their blossoming careers.

Romeo and Juliet is playing at Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle, 26-29 April, then two performances at the Alun Armstrong theatre in Stanley on 3o April.  Make sure you book well in advance to avoid missing out!

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