R+J opens to enthusiastic audiences

RomeoJuliet David Brogan USE THISWed 27 April 2016

Last night our contemporary Shakespeare 2016 season opened in Newcastle, and the consensus is it was a resounding success!

The cast of 10 played to a good house at Alphabetti Theatre, and the comments and feedback from the audience in the bar afterwards was excellent.

There has been a bit of a buzz about our Shakespeare season so far, with R+J being the first of three shows we’re producing in the Shakespeare Anniversary year, and we’re already putting plans together to make it an annual event, with three more contemporary Shakespeare’s next year.

The press have shown a great deal of interest too – which is always gratifying – with arts and culture magazine NARC saying: “One of William Shakespeare’s most recognisable tales Romeo And Juliet has been imagined and re-imagined in so many different, inventive ways, that it’s always a surprise when someone manages to find a new twist on it. That’s exactly what Cranked Anvil have done though, as the star-crossed lovers have new life breathed into them as opposing football fans across the Tyne Wear divide.”

The cast have been fantastic in this production, and the show simply wouldn’t be what it is without them.  If you’re in the North East, make sure you get your tickets and don’t miss out on this excellent production.

RJ Full Cast
The full cast of Cranked Anvil’s Romeo+Juliet

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