No more Happy Hour – for now

Paul & Nessa recording Happy Hour


Sadly, and after much deliberation, we have decided to take down our ‘Happy Hour’ page from the website.

Paul & Nessa’s Happy Hour was a unique sketch comedy radio show in the North East when it first aired on Sunderland’s Spark FM in 2015. Mixing pre-recorded sketches with live features and irreverent links by the show’s hosts, it quickly gained a dedicated following and attracted much interest from various parties.

There was already over 24 hours worth of comedy available here on our website, and we still had another TEN brand new episodes ready to upload and make available (including appearances by top comedians and actors).

However, recently we’ve become aware of various concerns and issues which have led us to take the decision to not make our material available to the wider listening community any longer. We’re extremely disappointed to have to take this action, but we feel it’s necessary at the present time.

But who knows? Maybe Paul & Nessa will be back on the radio some time in the future, presenting a new incarnation of Happy Hour

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