Our poll results are in…

Writers who are regular visitors to our site will know that our quarterly short story competition is now well under way, and attracting more and more entries every time, from all around the world.

Not wanting to impose any restrictions on our writers, we have always kept the competition open to any theme or genre. However, our recent poll on twitter fed back some interesting results.

We asked one simple question: when writing for a competition, do you prefer to be set a specific theme each time? At the end of the week-long poll, 69% said they preferred to be set a specific theme, with only 31% saying they would rather the competition was open to any theme.

An interesting result, and one that has got us thinking.

As the current competition is currently running (closing date for entries in 31st January 2020) we are keeping that open to any theme. But watch this space in future, as we may introduce setting a certain theme for at least some of our competitions. We’ll look forward to reading the responses we get.

In the meantime, there’s still plenty of time to enter our current competition. All the rules can be found here. You can also read the top three winning stories from previous competitions, as well as all the long and short lists.

Happy writing!

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