Short story competition – ‘4 stories for the fee of only 3’ offer continues!

Last quarter we received the biggest number of entries into our short story competition since it began over a year ago. No doubt this was thanks to our special offer of allowing 4 entries for the price of 3, and we’re delighted that it inspired so many of our writers – both new and regular – to create even more great work. We’re currently reading through all eligible entries and creating the longlist.

And because we love it so much WE WANT TO READ MORE!

Which is why we’ve decided, for the next quarter, to extend the offer and do it all over again! (deadline 31st October 2020).

The fee for one or two stories remains the same – £5 for one, £8 for two – but if you pay the fee of £10 you will qualify to enter FOUR stories, instead of the usual three. This equates to just £2.50 per story entered; we know of very few paid competitions which are better value than that!

So go on – take advantage of the offer once more. Enjoy creating your four new stories – you have three months in which to write them.

We look forward to reading them.

You can enter the competition here. Make sure you carefully read and abide by all the rules of the competition. If you would like to read previous winners and placed entries, you can do so here.


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