October 2020 – Long List

Our entry inbox grows bigger with every fresh quarter, and the judges have had more stories to read this quarter than ever before. Our ‘4 entries for the price of 3’ continues to prove popular, and we’re delighted that it’s encouraging so much great writing out there.

So much so that we’ve decided to extend the offer into next year!

For our current short story competition competition – deadline 31st January 2021 – you can once again take advantage of entering four stories for the price of three. So what are you waiting for – get writing!

However – We’re still receiving some entries that do not adhere to our rules, and therefore have had to be disqualifed. If you’re entering the competition, please read all the terms of entry very carefully, to ensure your story is in with the best chance of being considered.

Even if you’ve entered our competition before, go back and check the rules again.

Make sure you’ve got everything right – not just the word count, but the layout and document title requirements too. Make sure your document has a covering page, containing all the information we need.

It’s all there in the rules – make sure you read them thoroughly.

In the meantime, we’re delighted to reveal our long list of authors for the October 2020 competition:

Emilie Akoka (for 1 story)
Liz Andersen
Cath Barton (for 2 stories)
Simon Birinder
Hollie Brennan
Gillian Brown
Rebecca Burns
Robin Butterworth
Colette Coen
Georgia Cook (for 2 stories)
Elizabeth Cooke
Kathryn Crowley
Maureen Cullen (for 2 stories)
Mark Demeza
Paddy Doherty
Eoghan Doyle (for 1 story)
Jonathan Gurling
James Hancock (for 4 stories)
Peter Hankins
Christina Hennemann
Stephen Ho (for 2 stories)
Adrian Holmes
Radhika Iyer (for 1 story)
Denny Jace
Tom Jameson
K T Jayne
Tesni Jenkins (for 1 story)
Andrew Jones
J Kimber
Richard Layton (for 1 story)
Sarah Leavesley
Ros Levenson
Rose Little
Sarah Mackey
Gwenda Major
Mike McMaster
David McVey (for 4 stories)
Sherry Morris
Melissa Morrison
Miriam Moss
Jack Paton
Helen Rana
Guilherme Ribeiro
Rachel Robbins
Sarah Robin
Rob Robson (for 1 story)
Jennifer Ryan (for 1 story)
Laura Scotland
Edward Sergeant (for 3 stories)
Francoise Sharpin
Kerri Simpson
Liane Smith (for 3 stories)
Jessica Squier (for 2 stories)
Andy Stewart
Hannah Sutherland (for 1 story)
Sam Szanto
M Q Tate
J M Thomas
Julia Vaughan
David Wass
Daniel Watt
Gillian Welby (for 4 stories)
Katherine William-Powlett
F S Williams
Anne Wilson (for 2 stories)
James Woolf
Alex Zyms

Congratulations to you all!

The short list will be announced, and the three placed stories published here on our website, on 12th December.


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