Shakespeare’s Birthday

Yesterday was Shakespeare’s birthday, and just for a bit of fun we tweeted a writing prompt that was themed around the Bard.

It seemed to generate a lot of interest on twitter – and, we hope, inspired plenty of writing!

So we thought we’d use it to start our series of writing prompts here on the Cranked Anvil website.

Just roll a die five times to give you the basic elements for your story, and away you go…

Don’t be too literal with your selections. For example, your location doesn’t have to be an actual battlefield. A court could be a royal court, a legal court, a tennis court… If your protag is a doctor, what are they a doctor of? It doesn’t necessarily have to be medical.

So – roll the die and get writing! (If you don’t have an actual die to hand, you can use this nifty little random generator:

And don’t forget, our short story competitions and flash fiction competitions are always open. (The next deadline is only seven days away.) Low entry fees, cash prizes, plus publication on our website and possible future print anthologies.

Happy writing!

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