A revamped website and a BRAND NEW competition

Well, here it is – the first of our promised ‘Big Announcements’ for 2022!

We’re slightly changing the structure of our competitions – specifically the submission windows for each of them – in order to make room for our BRAND NEW COMPETITION!

Our Short Story and Flash Fiction competitions are still staying where they are – and writers can still be working on and refining their stories all year round – but the windows for submission will now be just the deadline month.

(So – for our 1500 word short story competition, submissions will be open in January, April, July, and October. For the 500 word flash competitions, the windows will be February, May, August, and November.)

In addition to these two favourites, we are opening up a brand new ‘Prompt Competition’, which will be open for submission three times a year – March, June, and September.

The details of this competition will be finalised over the next few days, but we can tell you that the word count will be 700 – 1000 words, and each new competition will be based on a set of new, individual prompts, which will be announced on the first day of each submission window month.

We can’t wait to get going with this competition, and to see what brilliant stories it brings in, from both our regular entrants and, hopefully, many more new ones as well.

There’ll be more announcements coming over the next few days and weeks – which is why we are undergoing a slight revamp of our website. Keep checking back to see the changes and improvements we’re making, to bring even more quality content to our worldwide community of writers!

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