TEA BREAK EXERCISE: It’s Written In The Stars

An oft-suggested tip is that daily horoscopes can provide all kinds of inspiration for short stories or flash fiction.

But so can the actual signs of the zodiac.

For this exercise, choose one of the twelve zodiac signs – we suggest picking one at random rather than using your own.

Firstly, let that sign suggest to you a character. Think about their traits. Their habits. The way they might interact with other people. Think about their family or what they do for a living.

Now – put them in a situation where the facets of their character has got them into trouble with a figure of authority. (You could use another zodiac sign to invent an antagonist for this scene if you wish).

What is the situation? Why do they find themselves in it? How do they get themselves out of it? Do they get out of it? What are the consequences of their actions? What do they learn from the experience?

Take 20 minutes to write the scene in any form.