Never Going Green by Sherry Morris (3rd place Jan20)

In Lesterville, we know the phrase Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce, we just choose to ignore it. Not because we’re against saving the planet, or don’t understand the plastic problem. We do. But when we hear or see that slogan, we think of Merin McCallister. And shiver.   She doesn’t live here anymore, and the house … Continue reading Never Going Green by Sherry Morris (3rd place Jan20)

January 2020 – Long List

It's been the longest period of time that we've taken to announce our long list this quarter - due to the increasing number of quality entries we've received from all around the world. The judges have enjoyed reading all qualifying entries, and we're delighted to publish our long list below. However - We're still receiving … Continue reading January 2020 – Long List

Surface Tension by Andy Banks (1st place Oct19)

The sky was dying a red death when we eventually reached the swamp. We’d been walking for so long that the village was nothing more than a huddled mass of black teeth jutting from the rolling hills behind us. I couldn’t even make out my house anymore. “Could’ve just gone to the rec,” I grumbled. … Continue reading Surface Tension by Andy Banks (1st place Oct19)

October 2019 – Shortlist and winners

The biggest crop of entries we've had so far for this quarter's competition, which has made the job of choosing the three placed stories more difficult than ever. After much deliberation over the longlist, though, they have now been selected. Congratulations to: 1st: Andy Banks - Surface Tension 2nd: Claire Wilson - When Death Calls … Continue reading October 2019 – Shortlist and winners

A bumper crop of short stories this quarter

Our quarterly short story competition is going from strength to strength, and when our most recent one closed at midnight a couple of days ago we had more entries than we've ever received since the competition first opened earlier this year. We're delighted that the competition has proved so popular with writers around the world … Continue reading A bumper crop of short stories this quarter