Paul & Nessa’s Happy Hour

A sketch comedy podcast with added stuff and nonsense!

Conceived, written and performed by Paul Dunn and Nessa Karon.

Ep 20 – William Shakespeare and the Best of Series One

Ep 19 – Joseph Swan and the Spotty-Faced Dweeb

Ep 18 – Eric Idle and the Monsieur Pomme de Terre

Ep 17 – JFK and the Kamikaze Skateboarders

Ep 16 – Monty Don and the Dirty Snail Snot

Ep 15 – King Cnut and the Filthy Glove Puppet

Ep 14 – Gino D’Acampo and the Chicken Breast Haggler

Ep 13 – Christopher Biggins and the Rutting Cattle

Ep 12 – Diana Ross and the Flamable Guardian

Ep 11 – Tom Jones and the Prostitute’s Forearm

Ep 10 – Roger Hargreaves and the Butternut Squash

Ep 9 – Paul McCartney and the Toad In The Hole

Ep 8 – Jodie Whittaker and the Rusty Bear Trap

Ep 7 – Piers Morgan and the Fleshy Shank

Ep 6 – Adolf Hitler and the Rats on Wheels

Ep 5 – Pee Wee Herman and the Little Fishy Snorkels

Ep 4 – Lewis Carroll and the French Bedwetter

Ep 3 – Robert De Niro and the Wilting Clematis

Ep 2 – Kylie Minogue and the Bum-Breathing Turtle

Ep 1 – Arthur Miller and the Lighty-Up Phone