2016 Shakespeare Season – Henry V

JULY 2016
Alphabetti Theatre | Durham Gala Theatre

In the 400th anniversary year of Shakespeare’s death, Cranked Anvil presented an exciting and contemporary season of three of his most well known and loved plays – re-imagined for modern audiences. In an intriguing and fascinating twist on the classic texts, conceived and realised by our artistic director Paul Dunn, these productions proved to be exhilarating and stimulating as well as highly accessible.

1916. The country is at war. With “winter coming on and sickness growing upon our soldiers”, a group of Durham pals, looking for a way to pass the time as they recover in hospital from the horrors of the trenches, find that a 300 year old play is as relevant to them now as it ever was.
This intriguing and challenging reworking of Shakespeare’s great play about war brought Cranked Anvil’s Shakespeare season to a rousing and satisfying conclusion, and was critically acclaimed.

“The final Shakespeare play from Cranked Anvil … retains the charm and powerful message of the source material but somehow makes it relevant to the present day.  The cast of 8 do a great job bringing the text alive.  Cranked Anvil have produced a wonderfully accessible platform to Shakespeare. They have been a delight to watch and share with the family. My teenage son now wants to see more of the Bard’s work and for that I am grateful. Henry V is well acted with appropriate musical interludes.

A strong cast and intelligent direction. The show is well worth seeking out.”
North East Theatre Guide

Directed by Sarah Seymour
Assisted by  Paul Dunn

James Barton
David Cooke
Paul Dunn
David Foster
Alex Houston
Thomas Potts as Henry V
Glen Townsend
with Vanessa Karon