Rehearsed Reading Night VII

Thu 13 September 2018
The Peacock, Sunderland

Our popular Rehearsed Reading Nights continued apace…


Our final RRN of 2018 proved as popular as ever, with writers getting valuable feedback from the audience.

The program for the evening was:

Death and Meatballs by Clair Dicker
CAST: Frank Ditchburn, Bethan O’Doherty, Lorna Bell, Jack Young

Radio Blah Blah by Jamie McLeish & Andrew Kirkwood
CAST: David Foster, Bethan O’Doherty

Self Defence by Sarah Watson
CAST: Janete Geronimo, Mike Yeaman, Lucy Marie Curry

Only Six Good Shots by Ken Reay
CAST: Frank Ditchburn

Job’s A Good’un by Jamie McLeish & Andrew Kirkwood
CAST: Paul Dunn, Jack Young

A Thousand Words by Jack Robert Young
CAST: David Foster, Vanessa Karon

Plus: the musical talent of Josh Hodgson.

The whole evening was presented and curated by Paul Dunn and Vanessa Karon.

The idea of our RRNs is to give writers a chance to hear their works-in-progress read aloud and performed by professional actors. The company will spend just one day reading through the script, discussing details with the director, and putting the whole performance ‘on its feet’ in order to produce a production which will be performed in front of an audience.

At the end of the performance the writer will take part in a Q&A session, in which the audience can offer advice and criticism, ask questions, and give general feedback.