Star QuestStar Quest: Voyage of Discovery

A comedy play for Key Stages 1 & 2, based on the Science Curriculum

The Starship Enquirer is on a mission through the Solar System when it suddenly comes under attack from a strange alien who is running amock in the ship’s circuitry…

Working scientifically and applying their understanding and scientific knowledge, can the crew of the Starship (your pupils!) help Captain Jack Hunter to defeat the intruder, repair the ship, and complete the important mission?!

Suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2
Show duration: 60 mins approx
Set-up time needed: 45 mins

This fun, entertaining and highly interactive play covers a wide range of topics in the KS1&2 Science curriculum, and is therefore an ideal production for the whole school at any time of the year. Whatever stage your pupils are at, there will be something in this show that they can use to reinforce knowledge already gained and to prepare for upcoming programmes of study.

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a primary school audience entertained!
a primary school audience entertained!

About our work
Cranked Anvil’s Director, Paul Dunn, has worked in primary and secondary schools, in an educational entertainment capacity, since 1995.  He knows extremely well the demands on the teacher in a modern school, and the need to link very closely any external company’s production with the requirements of the school curriculum.

As well as that, he is very aware of the tight budgetary constraints put upon schools these days.  He has worked for many years as company manager for various Theatre in Education companies, and has worked closely with teachers, headteachers and bursars throughout that time.
Paul has a hands-on approach to every single schools project that Cranked Anvil produces, so schools can be assured that any show or product that they buy from us will be of the highest standard – that’s a personal assurance from Paul himself!
As well as that, we have all relevant public liability insurances and DBS checks in place.