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Hello Anthology Authors!

This page has been created exclusively for you. Please don’t share it with others. The print run will be strictly limited, and we want you all to get first option before the book becomes available to wider members of the public.

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to order (within the limitations of our website operating system!) so it’s pretty much the same process as entering the competition. You’ll see below you have options to buy from 1 to 5 copies of the book, and a ‘Buy Now’ button for your required number of copies. [If you wish to order more than 5 copies please email us and we’ll make arrangements.]

We’ve kept the author price as low as we can at £7 per copy, and a sliding scale of P&P has been added to each option below. As with our competition entries, payments will be made by paypal.


  1. Fill in the contact form below so we know where to send your books once they’re hot off the press!
  2. Don’t forget to hit Submit at the bottom of the form.
  3. Complete your purchase by hitting the ‘Buy Now’ button for the amount of copies you wish to order. THIS MUST be done to complete your purchase – just hitting ‘submit’ on the form is not sufficient to make your order.

ONE copy: £7 + £2 P&P = £9.00 total
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TWO copies: £14 + £3.50 P&P = £17.50 total
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THREE copies: £21 + £5 P&P = £26.00 total
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FOUR copies: £28 + £6.50 P&P = £34.50 total
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FIVE copies: £35 + £8 P&P = £43.00 total
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