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Writers – get involved with us in 2021

Hello Writers
First of all, Happy New Year. We hope you’re keeping safe and well, and looking forward to a busy 2021.
We’ve been quiet over the past month or so, what with Christmas, New Year, and a huge relocation to beautiful rural Northumberland. (The view from our office window now is loads of fields, a river, and a few cows – it’s great!)
But now, the office is refurnished and the internet is re-established, and we’re up and running again for 2021. So we wanted to share with you some of the plans we have for this year, and how you can get involved.
First of all, of course, our quarterly competitions continue to run. The next deadline is Jan 31st, for our 1500 word short story comp.
It’s worth noting that this quarter is the last chance writers will have to enter 4 stories for the price of 3.
And if you fancy a go at flash fiction too, our next 500 word comp deadlines on 28th Feb.
Speaking of flash fiction, our most recent winners were announced. You can find the shortlist and read the winning stories here.  (‘Soup Kitchen’ by Rose Walker-Taylor is a particularly pleasing read today. Have a look – you’ll see what we mean!)

And now – on to some of our other plans for the coming year… (and how you can contribute)
Podcasts. As part of our writing competitions and independent publishing arm, we’re planning to produce and release a podcast of some of the best winning stories – as well as short- and long-listed ones – from all our competitions. Kind of like our very own audiobook library. Every eligible story that’s entered into any of our comps will also be considered for the podcast, which will be released on all the usual platforms (Apple, Spotify, etc.), and will, of course, be completely free to download.
Writing resources. We’re planning to produce and build a collection of resource articles for writers on our website. ‘How To’ articles, writing prompts, tips, inspirational quotes from other writers, etc etc… You know the kind of thing. We’re proud to be a small, independent publishing house, with our writers and contirbutors at the heart of it, and this resource will be part of our commitment to inspire and encourage writers of all stages and abilities. We expect to open up for submissions for these articles, so do keep an eye on our website and social media for more details.
Author profiles/interviews. As we say, our writers and contributors are at the heart of what we do – so it’s about time we found out more about them! We want to interview our writers and find out what makes them tick. How their writing day works; where do they get their inspiration; what do they love/hate about writing; what tips can they pass on to fellow short story writers; where can you read/buy more of their work; plus lots more.
To begin with, these interviews will be done by email and published on our website. We’re hoping to get in touch with writers very soon to invite them to take part – but please do let us know by reply if you’d be interested in getting involved in the future.
There’s quite a few other ideas that aren’t yet fully formed (including a magazine-style newsletter and a YouTube channel), which we’ll be letting you know about as they develop.
In the meantime, here’s wishing you a happy, healthy, and prolific 2021! Thanks for being involved with Cranked Anvil so far, and we look forward to reading more of your work and submissions in the future.

November 2020 – Flash shortlist and winners

Our first flash fiction competition attracted a huge number of entries, and it has taken longer than ever for the judges to chose the shortlist and the two winning stories. (Christmas and New Year, plus the small matter of relocating the entire Cranked Anvil HQ up to rural Northumberland, didn’t help to speed the process along!)

But the results are now in, and we are delighted to publish the following placed entries:

1st: Hannah SutherlandWarm Milk

2nd: Rose Walker-TaylorSoup Kitchen

Prize money is on its way to you, and your stories are published here on our website.

Well done to the following writers who made it to the shortlist:

Benjamin Britworth
David Butler
(1 story)
Linda Fawke (1 story)
Mary Francis (1 story)
Martin Kirkbride (1 story)
James Mason
Jodi Moxon
(2 stories)
J M Thomas (1 story)
Gillian Welby (1 story)
Barbara Young (1 story)

As you can see from the list above, many of our writers enter multiple entries, and hve made it onto the shortlist with at least one of their stories.

Both our writing competitions are open all year round with quarterly deadlines, so why not have a go and enter your work – we love to read and publish the best, both here on our site and in our annual print anthologies.

Enter our 1500 word Short Story Competition – next deadline 31 January.

Enter our 500 word Flash Fiction Comptition. – next deadline 28 February.

Good luck!

October 2020 – shortlist and winners

An unprecedented number of entries this quarter meant an unusually large longlist, but the judges have worked long and hard to get it down to this final shortlist and the three winning entries.

Every single qualifying entry was read and studied [yes, we are still receiving some entries which go into the disqualified pile because they don’t follow all the rules of entry] and we’re delighted to publish the following placed entries:

1st: Tesni JenkinsSoldier Boy

2nd: Rachel RobbinsWinning

3rd: Guilherme RibeiroA Summer Carol

Prize money is on its way to you, and your stories are published here on our website.

Well done to the following writers who made it to the shortlist:

Emilie Akoka; Cath Barton (1 story); Simon Birinder; Hollie Brennan; Gillian Brown; Rebecca Burns; Colette Coen; Paddy Doherty; Eoghan Doyle (1 story); Jonathan Gurling; James Hancock (2 stories); Radhika Iyer (1 story); Gwenda Major; David McVey (1 story); Sherry Morris; Liane Smith (1 story); Andy Stewart; M Q Tate; Gillian Welby (1 story); James Woolf; Alex Zyms.

Both our writing competitions are open all year round with quarterly deadlines, so why not have a go and enter your work – we love to read and publish the best, both here on our site and in our annual print anthologies.

Enter our 1500 word Short Story Competition.

Enter our 500 word Flash Fiction Comptition.

Good luck!

Short story competition – 4 for 3 offer extends into 2021

Ever get the feeling you’re going through a sense of deja vu?

Yes, here we are in another lockdown in the UK, with all the inconveniences and uncertainties that it brings.

But one thing that remains ever constant is our 1500 word short story competition!

Last quarter we received the biggest number of entries since the competition began. We were delighted that our special offer of allowing 4 entries for the price of 3 inspired so many of our writers – both new and regular – to create even more great work. We’re currently reading through all eligible entries and creating the longlist.

And because we love it so much WE WANT TO READ MORE!

Which is why we’ve decided, for yet another quarter, to extend the offer and do it all over again! (deadline 31st January 2021).

This will be the third quarter in a row that we’ve done this, as we continue to strive to be a thoroughly affordable and accesible writing competition. It’s open to any theme or genre, the only limit is the word count of 1500 words (not including the title).

The fee for one or two stories remains the same – £5 for one, £8 for two – but if you pay the fee of £10 you will qualify to enter FOUR stories, instead of the usual three. This equates to just £2.50 per story entered; we know of very few paid competitions which are better value than that!

So go on – take advantage of the offer once more. Enjoy creating your four new stories – you have three months in which to write them.

We look forward to reading them.

You can enter the competition here. Make sure you carefully read and abide by all the rules of the competition. If you would like to read previous winners and placed entries, you can do so here.

Meet our first Anthology contributors

You may have noticed recently that we’ve been shouting about our upcoming Short Story Anthology.

Well, we make no apologies for that! We’re very proud of it, and we can’t wait to share the fantastic work written by our thirty-three contributing authors.

Publication date is 16th November, and you can pre-order your copies here.

They make a fantastic Christmas present for anyone in your life who loves reading (including yourself!)

If you’re a regular subscriber to our website you’ll know that our competitions are open to any theme or genre, and the anthology really reflects that, with a fantastic mix of humour, drama, sci-fi, supernatural… you name it, it’s in there!

And here are the authors whose work is featured in the book:

Matt Allen
Andy Banks
Edward Barnfield
Cath Barton
Joe Bedford
Peter Boyle
Sharon Boyle
Richard Garcka
Carole Garrett
James Hancock
Alyson Hilbourne
Sue Hoffman
John Holland
Jason Jackson
Alan Kennedy
Gwenda Major
Robbie McHarg
Lindsay McKean
Sherry Morris
Lauren O’Donoghue
Tony Oswick
Nicki Parkins
J D Revitt
Michele Seagrove
Liane Smith
P J Stephenson
Andrew Stott
Annalise Taylor
Sonia Trickey
Betty Weiner
Gillian Welby
Claire Wilson
Barbara Young

We hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as we have.

And if you’d like the chance to feature in one of our future anthologies – as well as winning cash prizes – take a look at our Short Story and Flash Fiction competitions, and GET WRITING!