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Our Halloween LIVE special!

Friday 30 October 2015

Just in time for Halloween tomorrow, we’ve got a treat for all you spook fans!

If you didn’t get a chance to hear our radio show, Paul & Nessa’s Happy Hour, live on Wednesday night, now’s your chance to listen back to the best bits.  We’ve just put it up on line, and we’re very proud of the whole show.

And why? I hear you ask…  Well, the whole thing was broadcast completely live – even the sketches.  Where as usually in the Happy Hour shows half of the material is pre-recorded, this week we decided to scare even ourselves by doing the whole thing completely live and pretty much unrehearsed!  It’s still got all the crazy ingredients of a Happy Hour show – it just sounds even more rough around the edges than usual.  But still, we think, very funny, and well worth a listen.

We have to say a big thanks to the writers who came up with specially written sketches so qucikly – Tim Gambrell, Michael Hughes, Neil Tolfree, and John Wardle.  And a special thanks to our actor-in-chief and head honcho voice man, David Foster, for coming into the studio live with us and performing in all the sketches.  (As well as playing along with the game, Count-Dracula-Down!)

Listen here, enjoy – and please share!