Roker Park play a huge success – one FINAL date added!

Well, we’re coming to the end of this mini-tour of I Left My Heart In Roker Park, and we’ve had an amazing time with it! Extra dates kept on having to be added, and the houses just kept on filling!  So much so, that we’ve been invited back by the Customs House for one FINAL performance on 11th October!  You can read the details here.

And we’ve been delighted to work alongside Michael Ganley, who under the banner of SAFC Museum, has displayed some of his fantastic collection of Sunderland and football memorabilia. Check out the photos in our gallery further down this page. You’ll also see that one of the performances was attended by some former Sunderland players: Maurice Hepworth (who is now chairman of the Former Players Association), and ’73 Cup Final player Micky Horswill. It was a pleasure to have them at the show – and we’re looking forward to hopefully welcoming more ex-players on 11th October.

So, if you couldn’t get a ticket this time round, or if you want to come back and see it again – or even if you just want to come and try on Ian Porterfield’s ’73 tracksuit top and possibly meet some former Sunderland stars, then make sure you book your tickets at the Customs House soon!

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