Cranked Anvil was established in 2012.
We are based at our studios in Northumberland in the North-East of England.

An award-winning production company, Cranked Anvil is constantly engaged in various creative projects and endeavours.

We are home to Cranked Anvil Press, and run our quarterly Short Story and Flash Fiction writing competitions, where writers have the opportunity to win cash prizes, as well as publication here on our website and in print anthologies.

We also produce a number of podcasts. The sketch comedy podcast Paul & Nessa’s Happy Hour is written and performed by our directors Paul Dunn & Nessa Karon, who both wrote and performed for BBC Radio comedy sketh show Grin Up North.

There are more podcasts coming soon, including Tales From The Broom Cupboard, and an audiobook style free podcast to tie in with our writing competitions.

And of course – once Covid restrictions are fully lifted and the world has got a little bit more back to normal – we will continue to produce and stage our theatre productions. (You can find out more about our previous work from the drop down menu on the left of this page.)

So – welcome to Cranked Anvil. Have a look around. We hope you find something you like.

Nessa Karon, Paul Dunn, David Foster, in the studio for the podcast Paul & Nessa’s Happy Hour