Cranked Anvil on the BBC!

It’s been a very busy few weeks at CAHQ.  With the show opening in just over two weeks, we’re now into the business end of things. Actor Paul Dunn and writer/director Tom Kelly are in the rehearsal room, working hard to mould the show into an entertaining piece of theatre, while the production team – including the ever-inventive and incredibly talented David Gibson – are working behind the scenes to get everything ready for production week.

Look North's Jeff Brown interviews Paul Dunn
Look North’s Jeff Brown interviews Paul Dunn

Tickets are continuing to sell incredibly well. A lot of the performances are now completely sold out, and Durham Gala have asked us to do another night there.  So currently, the run consists of 9 performances:

Customs House, South Shields: 19th (2 shows), 20th, 21st
Durham Gala  23rd
Arts Centre Washington  25th
Durham Gala (again)  26th, 27th, 28th

And we’re expecting that to go up even more by next week, after a morning with Jeff Brown and the Look North team, filming a short piece about the play.  Being a Sunderland supporter himself, Jeff was extremely interested in the play and its background, and Tom and Paul really enjoyed talking to him on camera about their experience so far of putting the show together, and about being long-suffering Sunderland supporters for many years!

The item should air on BBC’s Look North, 6.30pm, some time in the next week. Keep a look out for it!

Jeff Brown speaking to writer Tom Kelly
Jeff Brown speaking to writer Tom Kelly

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