Extending our Flash Fiction special offer

The cost of living crisis…

Everyone is talking about it, and everyone is affected by it. Individuals, families, businesses. (We are no exception: the cost of producing our upcoming print anthology has doubled since we published our last one in 2021.)

So, of course, everyone is looking for ways to save money or grab a bargain – and it seems our writers are no exception!…

To celebrate the increase in prize money for our flash fiction competition last quarter, we brought back our special offer of ‘4 for the price of 3’. (We first announced it here.) Basically, if you paid the entry fee of £10 for 3 stories, you could enter a 4th absolutely free.

When the deadline fell at midnight on 31st May, we saw that a record number of writers had taken advantage of the offer. The judges are already hard at work reading through the entries, and we’ll be announcing the long list in due course.

But it’s got us to thinking…

We’ve always said that Cranked Anvil’s MO is to operate as a small-scale, non-profit-making organisation. We’re all about shouting about writers and shining a light on their work wherever and however we can. And if a simple special offer like this can help in any way, we’re happy to keep it going.

So that’s what we’ve decided to do!

The 4 for the price of 3 offer has remained open for this Flash Fiction quarter (currently open; deadline midnight UK time 31st August.)

We’re also planning to introduce the offer for our other writing competitions, once the current quarters close. (So, for the prompt competition we’ll bring it in on 1st July, and for the short story comp we’ll inroduce it on 1st August. We’ll announce it again at the time.)

Happy writing – we look forward to reading your work.