Press coverage in the local news

Thur 13 Mar 2014 Only two weeks to go until our next event, and today Cranked Anvil has had a very nice profile piece featured in the local paper, the Shields Gazette. It's come just at the right time for us.  Not only will it help to publicise the rehearsed readings on the 27th of … Continue reading Press coverage in the local news

Rehearsed Reading Night gets underway

Sat 1 Mar 2014 So, the work has begun in earnest on our next Rehearsed Reading Night, taking place on March 27th in South Shields. A section of Rachael Walsh's play, 'The Morning After', will be showcased at the evening.  Yesterday, the cast and director got together for the first readthrough and really brought the … Continue reading Rehearsed Reading Night gets underway